Refrigerated Truck
Bodies Specialist

Transporters, distributors, Lamberet offer a range of industrial vehicles 

specially designed for cold transport


Lamberet Standard Transport Solutions

  • Best looking pick-up in the market
  • International brand name
  • Aluminum rear frame
  • Best surface for communication
  • Easiest opening and closing
  • Integrated air flow
  • Low weight and high performance


  • All sizes, from 3 to 9 meters
  • Full GRP body with PU-foam insulation
  • Light weight and strong structure
  • 4 wall thicknesses: 39, 57, 85, 105 mm
  • Barn doors or shutter doors, side doors
  • 4 different types of floors
  • 4 different types of floors

  • Complete range of full and semi-trailers
  • Specs can be suited to customer needs
  • Body length 6.5 to 13.6 meters
  • Hi-tensile steel structure
  • Light weight
  • Suspension: leaf springs or air suspension
  • Brakes: Optional EBS, EBD
  • Tyres: radial or bias

Custom transports solutions

For food industry professionals and home delivery specialists, Lamberet offers a range of light-to-medium tonnage commercial vans to cover all your needs. For any specific needs, contact us and we'll study a suitable solution for your needs.

Chick Truck
  • Payload 7 tons
  • Capacity 50,000 chicks
  • Smooth flat surfaces
  • Optional Heating
  • Up to 40 hours
  • Safe configuration
  • International standard
  • Brand components
  • Constant monitoring, data uploading, remote control